KMEC Biomass Briquette Machine

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ZBJ-LX Briquette Machine

ZBJ-LX Briquette Machine Biomass briquette Machines offered by KINGMAN(KMEC) cover a wide range of moulds, namely, according to different requirements for briquette forms, we can provide you with >>

ZBJ-CY Briquette Machine

ZBJ-CY Briquette Machine Of the series, 2 main types of briquette press can be chosen: the extruding briquette machines with abrasive disc and the mechanical stamping briquetting machines. >>

TFMTF Ball Press Machine

TFMTF Ball Press Machine Ball press machine can be fed with raw material such as charcoal powder, carbon dust, bamboo coal powder, coke powder, shisha carbon, graphite powder, jujube wood charcoal powder, activated carbon and so forth.>>

Wood Crusher Machine

Wood Crusher Machine This is a combination of grinder and crusher. That is to say, small tree twigs and branches can be smashed into pieces and then ground further simultaneously. >>

1. Turn agro waste or biomass residuals into cash cow
Agro or biomass residuals now can be recycled and you can find more solutions in your favor offered by KINGMAN(KMEC) herewith.
KINGMAN(KMEC) has dedicated to the development and offering of stand-alone biomass briquette machines and briquette plants for so many years. With rich experience in projects at home and abroad, we can offer you with delicately designed machines and professional project solutions which will be of much help for you to turn waste material into treasure. Either your request of stand-alone briquette press or briquette plant can be catered to with high-caliber machines and services by KINGMAN(KMEC). We adhere to the motto of putting clients’ requests and interests in the first place and spare no efforts to have clients released from tricky problems of waste transformation.
A briquette plant mainly includes wood chippers, crusher or hammer mill, drying system, briquette machines, packing machine and conveyer. (Carbonizing furnace is also needed so as to meet the marketing and consumption of biomass-turned charcoal as the substitute for fossil fuel.)

2. The backdrop of briquettes development
In the wake of European economic crisis and economic downturn across other regions, soaring fuel prices are becoming a drastic problem to be grappled with. On top of that, fossil fuel reserves across the world are guzzled down exponentially, which degrades as a severe challenge and leads scholars and technicians concerned to find energy replacement. Biomass of the many kinds of renewable energy, as it stands, grows prominent in providing us with more simple and easy solutions. According to related scientific statistics, biomass briquettes, as a new clean fuel in the 21st century, will be an efficiently renewable substitute for fossil fuel, featuring high thermal value yet outstandingly reduced dust and air pollution, stable non-toxic performance as well as low investment.

3. Advantages of briquette machines and briquetting plants
Briquette machine covers a wide range such as biomass briquetting machines, coal briquetting presses, metal briquette machines and so forth. Especially, biomass briquette presses, as a kind of maturely developed equipment, are extensively serving clients across the globe. The compacted structure and high density of briquettes after the extruding process will facilitate storage and transportation in a saving space way. Aside from the above, its heat value is way much higher than that of the conventionally extensively form of fuel. And carbonized briquettes as down-stream processed products manufactured by KINGMAN(KMEC)’s complete plants are also cash cow favorably confronting the fossil fuel crises and skyrocketing fuel prices. Kingman briquette machines enjoy a good reputation across the world, especially, mechanical stamping briquette machines which can produce both briquettes and pellets according to demands from a variety of clients. You will have your biomass material enhanced in added value and our natural living conditions are to be ameliorated based upon the joint efforts by both of us!

4. Ball Press Machines as another flagship series are also recommeded by Kingman to process coal powder, coke powder, shisha carbon, graphite powder, jujube wood charcoal powder, activated carbon, quicklime powder, dolomite dust, magnesia powder, concentrated copper fines, chromium mineral powder, manganese mineral powder, nickel laterite ore, lead and zinc waste, bauxite, nonferrous metal powder, refractory material, ceramic ingredient, iron content substance, converter sludge, ferric oxide powder, algam and the like. The ball press machines are popular with the field of mining, coal, metallurgy, refractory material, chemical industry and building material.

KMEC Technique

Biomass briquetting machines cover a wide range such as biomass briquette machines, coal briquette machines, metal briquetting presses and so forth. Especially, biomass briquetting presses, as a kind of maturely developed equipment, are extensively serving clients across the globe. Besides, thanks to the compacted structure and high density and after the extruding process, feedstock will become from less than 100 kg/m3 to typical 1000 to 1100 kg/m3. Briquettes can be stored with about 10 times less space so that the costs on transportation and storage will favorably decrease, on the other hand, its heating efficiency is way much higher than that of the conventional fuel, for example coal or directly burned wood sticks or sawdust.