Analyses of Briquetting

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  • Analysis of Raw Material Field for Briquetting
According to briquetting classification, raw material type exerts a huge impact on choosing of briquette machine. Generally, briquetting press can process two main kinds of feedstock, agricultural waste and forest residue. Therefore, raw material field for briquetting can be divided into several parts as follows:
Wheat production region: Western Europe (especially France), Eastern Europe and Central Europe, Siberia, Canada, the US, Australia, Argentina and Middle East.
Maize production field: the US, Southern Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India and France. In Africa, corn is planted in a scattered way. Across the world, three main corn belts include China, the US and Ukraine.
Paddy production area: East Asia (including China, Korea and Japan), Southeast Asia (mainly including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand), South Asia (mainly India and Pakistan), the US and Brazil
Forestry: North America, Europe, Russia, Brazil and Southeast Asia
  • Analysis of Briquette Market
Europe and North America not only are rich in raw material for briquetting, but also boast a bright competitive briquette market. Across the whole Europe, biomass briquettes and pellets enjoy more or less a parallel share of market but a promising and dramatically potential market is taking shape in Latin America and Africa since both of the regions are driven to fast development due to such a powerful economic engine.
Comparatively, Latin America possesses both raw material area and briquette market while Africa does have lavish raw material supply for briquetting. In particular, Egypt and Algeria of North Africa and Ethiopia are the home to wheat plantation. And other African regions are mainly supported with maize growth. However, raw material in Africa has not been fully used yet. Straw and stalks are usually burnt directly so that the added value of those raw materials is still not realized ever.
Apart from that, Southeast Asian countries are raw material-oriented market while East Asia briquette-oriented. Australia just holds both of the advantages.
According to statistics of our research on briquette machine marketing, briquetting machines are pervaded across the US, Canada, Russia and Australia.
  •  Summary
But we still hope more and more raw material regions and briquette market area can attach importance to energy transformation from fossil fuel to biomass and stand the huge opportunity of turning waste material into wealth on the one hand, and on the other, create an environment-friendly living condition for our posterity.
Briquette press marketing doesn’t remain a regional aim but a global opportunity to turn green garbage into green energy. Based upon the foregoing analyses, we hereby call on clients from the rest of the world to take action without further hesitation. Kingman(KMEC) is willing to make concerted efforts with you to achieve win-win cooperation!