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How to make activated carbon from briquette charcoal

Technique of making activated carbon from briquette charcoal

1. Due to the occurrence of unbalanced heating and shrinking upon wood structure during carbonization, charcoal will be produced with some fissure and cracks. Therefore, the strength of charcoal is not so powerful as that of wood. The compressive strength of longitudinal fiber of charcoal is approaching the value of coke strength while that of horizontal fiber of charcoal accounts for just one fourth to one sixth. Besides, anti-abrasive strength of charcoal is also affected.
2. Specific resistance of charcoal remains quite powerful, an equivalent of 1010-1012 omega·cm
3. Charcoal is riddled with micropores and transitional apertures which enlarge specific surface area of the former. Apart from that, tar matters within charcoal pores after being removed will enhance the ability of absorption of charcoal, which is the important reason for making activated carbon from charcoal.

Matter of fact, in the process of producing activated carbon, high-temperature vapor is usually used as activator, with the advantages of simple technique of purifying carbon surface and reducing possibility of equipment corrosion and environment pollutions. The process is also the one that absorbs heat which will enable material not to be overheated partially. But we should also know the disadvantage. Due to the low heat transfer coefficient of refractory material and charcoal, charcoal activation may be affected resulting in inconsistent quality. Besides, pore structure production is reliant upon carbon atom, and activating temperature should be quite high.
Tips for choosing the best briquette machine manufacturer

There are also some tips for you to choose best-quality charcoal briquette machines.
1. You ought to communicate with briquette machine manufacturer about mold to ensure the propeller or called thruster should remain high temperature resistant and anti-abrasive.
2. The drying system for a briquetting plant should be matched with production yield of briquettes and also with climate due to different moisture contents.
3. Circuit, machine structure, stability of performance and propeller repair technique should also be detailed by machine manufacturer.
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