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Secret of Briquette Machine

In addition to briquette machine handled by a seasoned operator, many briquette plant managers and owners ponder over improving briquetting and charcoal making techniques. According to both theories and practice, consistent renovation of the propeller of a briquette machine counts most. Operators of briquette machine and briquette plant should get the hang of not only links between briquette density, pressure and temperature, but also the angle of elevation of the propeller front end against high pressure during briquetting, namely, to adjust the size of the front end of propeller to produce briquettes with elegant surface and high bulk density. (Note: the propeller refers to the screw rod or called the forming mold within briquette machine)

Screw Rod Sleeve

Technically, strong friction and pressure come to the front end of propeller during squeezing with raw materials. Consequently, the front end will be dented or speckled sparsely. And the front end diameter will be dwindled yet briquettes will not be extruded to some harsh extent or even with briquettes squeezed out but in an incompact way.

On this occasion, the propeller shall be removed and inspected about whether the abovementioned situations have occurred to it. To grapple with the issue, alloyed electrodes should be welded on the front end, the latter of which should be further polished. More importantly, the welded and polished size shall be measured accurately in light of the requested clearance between the propeller and sleeve. If the welding work is halted and continued, welding slag should be knocked away, otherwise the ensuing welding layer remains unstable so that the clearance is somewhat altered. After the above, the welded propeller shall be cooled according to Kingman manual to ensure sufficient abrasion resistant force. Eventually, the propeller ought to be polished with grinding wheel made from silicon carbide. For systematic and thorough instructions, Kingman technicians will help to instruct you.

Sawdust Briquette Machine Wood Briquette Machine

Maintenance of the screw propeller
After the machine running for 24 hours without stop, please check the screw propeller, if it is worn, detach and maintain it. The screw propeller needs to be maintained as any of the conditions below appears:
  1. The production speed obviously decreases.
  2. The moisture content of raw material and the setting temperature have met the requirements, but the machine is often blocked and it can hardly work well.
  3. The briquettes can not be formed and they are separated into several pieces and can not able to join together.
  4. The produced briquettes are with loose structure and low density.
  5. The front spiral part of screw propeller is worn less than 4mm.
  6. The internal diameter of the briquettes is less than 15mm.
  7. The screw propeller is damaged by the stone, iron or other hard impurities getting into the screw propeller.
1>Preheat the front part of the screw propeller until the surface temperature reaches 350 degree before repairing it.
2>Use special welding materials and AC welding machine; adjust the electric current to about 180-200A.
3>When the screw propeller wears down, welding the wearing parts by suing the welding rod according to the wearing situations, after welding well, grind the surface of welding at once to avoid crack.
4>Compare the worn screw propeller with the unused one that comes with the machine, and grind it to the same angle as the unused one. It is strictly forbidden to strike the repaired screw propeller so as to avoid damage to welding surface or other parts. It should be stored carefully for future use.

From the above content, we may draw the conclusion that the screw propeller plays an important role during the processing of charcoal briquettes. It is also the quick-wear part of briquette machine which is the key to make good charcoal briquettes. Although much work need to be done with the propeller, we believe that the operator could master the skills with continued practice. If you still have any questions about the propeller and the briquette machine, feel free to contact us. As one of the earliest and largest biomass briquette press manufacturer, we will provide our customers with qualified products, competitive biomass briquette price and superior service.


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