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Sawdust Utilization as Biofuel

Sawdust, a kind of biomass material, is usually seen produced from saw mills and furniture factories yet in irregular shape and size. From time to time, small pieces of wood block and impurities can be found mixed inside. Although there are various wood species out there, yet the main component remains carbohydrate, with a speck of mineral matters contained. Due to the varied breeds, sawdust physical and chemical characters differ from one to another. However, it is widely acknowledged that the thermal value a kilo of sawdust during combustion possesses is the equivalent of 5 kwh. Therefore, sawdust is counted as a quite advantageous fuel resource.

Briquette Machine & Briquettes

To achieve the integrated utilization of sawdust and environmentally friendly production, the first step is to collect sawdust properly. Specifically, the feature of furniture production stays scattered production process, equipped with a centralized dust-collecting system. With regard to some individual dust discharging spots, stand-alone dust collection equipment can be applied. Afterwards, the collecting chambers of the system should be handled in due time, for sawdust containing certain moisture content will be oxidized slowly in the condition of ambient temperature, during which the accumulated generated heat may trigger spontaneous combustion unless it can be discharged in appropriate time.

Hence, even if you are going to store sawdust, the safety aspect shall be taken into consideration.
To date, sawdust has been utilized in several ways, namely, thermal energy, sawdust products and sawdust ingredient. At most time, it is extensively used to process solid biofuel, during which loosened sawdust, saw shavings and small pieces of wood block after being pretreated can be pressed into column or cubic shape solid fuel, the combustion of which also give off fragrance. Therefore, the solid fuel boasts a kind of renewable green energy put in domestic stoves and fireplaces all over the world. Furthermore, it can be carbonized into activated charcoal for industrial use. 


Straw briquette machine
Straw briquette machine refers to the special equipment which compresses biomass materials like straw into efficient, environment friendly fuel or fodder. Finished products of straw briquette machine are being used as fodder or fuels. 

Sawdust briquette machine Wood briquette machine

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