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Common problems and requirements for wood briquette machine

The propeller, forming cylinder and heating ring of wood briquette machine play a supplementary role in the production process of biomass briquettes. Then, what’s the reason for the overheating of heating ring in the production? When the heating ring of wood briquette machine is heating, first the operator need to check whether the rated voltage is consistent with the standards. When the voltage exceeds the required rated voltage, it will lead to the heating phenomenon of heating ring. The heating ring could increase the rate of finished products and the quality of the mechanism carbon through softening the surface of mechanism charcoal. Thus, we should set on the working temperature of the heating ring according to the principle of resistance to ensure the normal operation of the wood briquette machine. Therefore, we should control the working temperature at above 350℃to achieve its optimum operating temperature, so as to improve the quality and the qualified rate of mechanism wood carbon.

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Wood briquette machine produces biomass briquettes under high temperature and pressure. In the technology production system of wood briquette machine, we know that the production speed is so fast and the extrusion density is large. Thus, there are certain requirements for the internal transmission parts of wood briquette machine. To maintain good sealing conditions is the first production requirement of the production of wood briquette machine. The sealing of wood briquette machine usually remain under normal temperature and pressure to achieve absolute tightness and stop dust from entering the wood briquette machine. The second is the lubrication, which impacts the machine gear. To fill lubricant according to the transmission speed of production to keep the machine body has enough oil for driving and cooling. Since each kind of wood briquette machine needs different amount of oil, we should determine the amount of lubricant according to the production rate. Through the sealing and lubrication requirements, users can improve the productivity of wood briquette machine, save the production cost and improve economic efficiency.
By experimental analysis, we found that the factor that leads to the short service life of forming cylinder in wood briquette machine is the unreasonable use of temperature controller. To put it simply, the heating speed should not be too fast. It's a common mistake to set the temperature of controller directly to 300 degrees. Although the temperature rising is fast and the production can be started in ten minutes, it is harmful for the forming cylinder. The sudden warming will soften the steel and accelerate the wear of wood briquette machine. The best method is to set 100 degrees first and then heat for a few minutes and slowly rising the temperature for 30 to 40 minutes to reach a predetermined temperature, so that the wear of forming cylinder can be reduced. In addition, poor quality of welding materials used in the forming cylinder of wood briquette machine would also lead to short using time of forming cylinder, so wear resistant materials are need to be used. Finally, we found that the reasonable use of the temperature controller and the use of wear resistant and high temperature resistant welding material can maximum extent the service life of wood briquette machine and its forming cylinder.

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