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Straw briquette machine

Corn is a kind of widely planted crop in many countries. The briquetting of straw as bio-fuel and feed presents a new approach to the sustainable development of straw resources.
Straw briquette machine refers to the special equipment which compresses biomass materials like straw into efficient, environment friendly fuel or fodder. Finished products of straw briquette machine are being used as fodder or fuels. The technology of briquette machine is perfect during the process of practice and continuous improvement. And straw briquette machine has the feature of high automation, high yield, low price, less consumption, easy to operate, no pollution and so on. Therefore, straw briquette machine can be widely used in compressing various kinds of straw of corps, small branches and other biomass materials. 

Briquette Machine
Process technology: crush the ready-to-use straw or grass powder into small piece with the length of 10-80mm, and the moisture content of material is controlled at 15-25%. After the feedstock is enter into the feed inlet through conveyor, and compressed the feedstock into briquettes. The cross-sectional area of the briquette is 32*32mm with different length and the density of every block is 0.6-1.0g/㎝. This kind of block has overcome the disadvantage of straw’s disadvantages of light weight, big volume, difficult to storage and easy to be influenced by outer conditions. It meets the requirement of commercialization.
A new type of biomass fuel which compresses stem corps into briquette is replacing coal as the energy resources that used in the aspect of power generation and other applications. Comparing with mineral fuel, biomass fuel is easy to obtain, inexpensive, rich in resources. As long as the green plant is growing year after year, bio-fuel is never exhausted. Today, coal and gas fuel is becoming extremely scarce, wide application of biomass fuel play an important role to solve the energy problem. In addition, grass powder and eatable corps are compressed into briquette.  Feed grass has the good palatability after curing process, and could be preserved without deterioration and easy to store. This application has broadened the market of resources in the forage production region and it is responsible for the protection of grasslands and development of captive animal industry.
At the same time, briquette of forage grass is an important relief reserve material. Launching briquette of forge grass in the disaster area is not only the saving feed of sheep and cow, but also good quality fodder during lacking of feed times in spring and summer for large-scale farm and a pasturing area, and the relief needed fuel.


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