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The relationship of wearing parts and raw materials of briquette machine

When in the use of the briquette machine for briquette production, the wearing parts of briquette machine would wear to some degree in different factories. In fact, the wear of briquette machine, especially the wear of propeller, has a lot to do with the raw materials of customers used in the production of briquettes and mechanism charcoal. For example, when pure sawdust and peanut shells are used in the production, the briquette machine used for peanut shell production would wears more seriously compared with the equipment used for processing sawdust, and the propeller also must be repaired at least once every two days. While the equipment for sawdust production should be repaired after 3-4 day’s production.

raw materials for briquette machine

The main reason for the frequent repair of briquette machine with peanut shells is that peanuts are usually grown in sandy soil, and the unearthed peanut shells will contain a certain proportion of sand, which would accelerate the wear on equipment. Then, how to repair the propeller angle of briquette machine? The vertical angle of propeller, that is, the place about a circle back of the spiral cutting edge. It's important to note that the screw pitch at 90 degrees should keep same distance with the back of the screws, and it can only greater and cannot be shorter than the screw pitch behind. The initial point can be lower than the normal size, but not higher than normal size. In conclusion, different raw materials have different impact on the wearing parts of briquette machine.

In the processing of briquette machine, the spark is generated by the impact wear, which is caused by the improper operation of the operator. There are mainly the following two reasons:
1, Delay in the feeding of material into the sawdust briquette machine. Once the forming cylinder is empty without any raw material, the propeller would impact the forming cylinder directly, which would produces electric spark. As a result, both in the propeller and the forming cylinder would wear. Once these parts are damaged, it will produce a negative effect on the specification of finished products.
2, The propeller is installed too close to the edge of the forming cylinder. In the processing of briquettes, the propeller is easily to be affected by the raw material, and thus impacting the edge of the forming cylinder to produce electric spark, which will also lead to the damage of the propeller and the forming cylinder, and further influence the specifications of finished product produced by briquette machine.

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