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Keys factors that affect the briquetting process

When you think of briquette press, what’s the first question pop up into your mind?Different users in different regions may have different answers to this question. Facing with different raw material for briquetting process and different briquette machine, your same aim of briquetting biomass may have varied results. Today, we are going to talk about the issues about briquetting process and how to facilitate your briquetting process through small technical improvement.

Raw Material

First, you have to have good control of the quality of raw material. When we talk about the quality of raw material, two points that we should considered is moisture content of raw material and particles size of them. It has direct impacts on the quality of finished products. For the family users, the pellet quality has great impact on the consumption efficiency of pellets. Through the standard are not strict as the industrial production in pellet plant. General speaking, the pellet used for home heating has high standard than the pellet used for power generation in large scale. As for the commercial production, the pellet quality greatly affects the economic efficiency of enterprise. One primary way to adjust the moisture content of raw material is steaming. For the home user, there is no use to buy a professional steaming machine to increase cost. All you have to do is to dry them under sunshine or spay a proper amount of water on them. As for the large scale briquette plant, steaming processing is very necessary to ensure the quality of finished products. To some extent, the steaming process greatly impacts the finished products.

Crusher Machine

The second point is the particle size of material. When we collect the material for briquetting process, different type of material maybe has different shape and size. Hammer mill is necessary to crush the material into small particles which are fit for briquetting process. The smaller the particle size is, the higher the briquette quality is. So if you want to have good quality briquette fuel, the hammer mill is an important step for the whole process. Of course, buying a hammer mill is a plus to the production cost.

ZBJ-CY Briquette Machines ZBJ-ZT Sawdust Briquette Machine

When you have already prepared the raw according to the requirement, the next step is to make briquette by the help of briquette machine. Your may have different types of briquette machine, they maybe stamping briquette type, screw type or hydraulic type. Different in structure and power resources, the working principle all come from the big compression force by the mold under high temperature, then the lignin content in the material comes our from biomass material to bind the small particles together. At this time, the volume of material reduces about 2/3, which is fit for transport and storage. That’s the big significance for the briquetting process. The finished products are small in volume, high in density and have much better performance in consumption efficiency. Researcher has carries out a series of tests for the consumption efficiency of briquette fuel. The fact is that the consumption efficiency is about several times than raw material. It also has the advantages of no smoke and less ash content. That’s because the carbonization process give out the harmful material and moisture content in the material. The burning method is much cleaner with less carbon emission, which is a big benefit for the improvement of air pollution.

The work that is delivered by pressure is partially transformed into heat which increases the temperature of briquettes, reaching about 80, but even 200 degree in extreme cause. Under high pressure and high temperature, components of lower molecular weight become particles’ binding elements. On the other hand, the lignin, which represents one fifth to one third of biomass, at temperature 80-120, and under the influence of moisture, become tender and acts as a binder, especially during conditions of high pressure.


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