ZBJ-YK Briquette Machines

Briquette Presses-YK
Basic info:
After drying system, material can possess an appropriate moisture content to be processed into briquettes.
Optional mould (also called the die)
Briquette Presses offered by KINGMAN(KMEC) cover a wide range of moulds, namely, according to different requirements for briquette forms, we can provide you with a variety of dies to produce round, square and polygon shapes. But technically, the square shape is more commonly used in terms of extruding force and tolerance clearance between the die and the sleeve.
Consistent quality
The screw spindle is made from alloy steel of high hardness. And gaps between two neighboring spiral petals are equidistant, besides, each angle of the screw shall be the same.
Good product
Thanks to the water jet cutting system, the surface of final products will be produced as smoothly as that of the inner forming sleeve.
An exhaust emission system is also needed to keep the workshop from pollution consistently.
Practical economic value
Low maintenance cost will be the marked feature and added value.

Parameter table:
Yield (kg/h) 180-210kg/h 300-350kg/h 180-210kg/h 300-350kg/h
Motor power (kw) 15kw 22kw 15kw 18.5kw
Electric heater (kw) 6kw 9kw 2.2kw×2 2.2kw×2
Briquette dia. (mm) 50mm 70mm 50mm×L480mm 60mm×L500mm
Hole dia. of briquette (mm) 16mm 20mm    
Briquette density 1.3g/cm3 1.3g/cm3 1.3g/cm3 1.3g/cm3
Weight (kg) 585kg 1300kg 700kg  
Oversize (mm) 1700×750×1280 1900×880×1620 2700×600×1600 2000×600×1700
Life of the inner forming unit 1-2 years 1-2 years 1-2 years 1-2 years
Cross section range of briquette 50mm -80mm 50mm -80mm 50mm -80mm 50mm -80mm
Note: the warranty period lasts 12 months.

 If material after being crushed and dried has been suitable for the next step briquetting, there is still certain importance which shall be attached to.
        1.The Briquette Presses shall be fixed on a flat foundation.
        2.During the process of briquetting, temperature should be adjusted according to extruding situation. The electrical heater covers a wide scope of temperature for your reference. Different raw materials demand distinguished temperatures.

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