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Reflection upon the Typhoon Haiyan and Amazon Deforestation

Typhoon Haiyan has ravaged the Philiphines and other Asian countries with its powerful wind and heavy rainfall, leaving more than 2500 people dead and more than millions of people displaced. When the joint seek and rescue work is ongoing by so many countries and the UN deployed forces, we should rethink about the severe damages and their profoundly real causes.

Storm Haiyan not only struck numerous houses and buildings, but also ploughed our mind. More people are concerning about the causes of the strong Typhoon Haiyan. Actually it is just one of the destructive storms, a drop of the sea, our recollection will also be drawn to the devil Hurricane Katrina having flattened and flooding vast areas of the US. The frequently haunting natural disasters do pose huge threats to people's lives and financial lost. There is no denying that climate change and environment pollution should be responsible as culprits however, it is human beings who pull the string behind the scences. Our improper industrial and production deeds and behaviors, such as excessive fossil fuel use with super high greenhouse gas emissions and arbitrary lumbering of forest and large-scale deforestation across the world, have laid the vicious foundation for occurance of natural hazards. But the lessons learned from them are much too expensive. We are entitled to modify our thinkings and activities to turn the living conditions around. Besides, notorious smog and haze covering many regions of China and deforestation upon Amazon Rainforest of Brazil are immersed with worldwide news reports. It's not so tough to make the transformation of energy construction as we control hurricanes or typhoons. The only thing we can do to heal the wound of our Earth is adhere to the renewable and green energy rather than lumbering and burning forests and woods randomly or putting too many expectations on fossil fuel, besides, fossil fuel is far from enough sooner or later.

Huge swathes of rainforest trees have been lumbered by loggers.

This has explains why it is necessary to promote the biomass pellet fuel for all the countries in the world. Climate changes and the global warm has made the earth unfit for the living of human being. The total ecological system is not balanced due to the excessive use of fossil fuel especially for those developed countries, and the industrial revolution has greatly changed the production process and people’s living. At the same time, it changed the climate of the earth greatly. People come through various kinds of abnormal situation in the world. Under this situation, the green pellet fuel which can replace of the fossil fuel is a good choice to resolve this problem. It contributes a lot to the ecologic system in the long run. KMEC, as a professional provider of pellet equipment provider, we would like to contribute to the green leaves and blue sky.

In this regard, Kingman would like to call for more friends and clients all over the world to make joint efforts to better our life. we need brainstorm to have our life greener rather than with tropical storms or sandstorms. We should fuel our life with renewable and green energy not greenhouse gases. Kingman is a machinery supplier, but more like a friend to clients to share suggestions, pitch good ideas and help solve problems and offer best services. Before the natural hazards, we need collective efforts but after the disasters, we much more need cooperations.

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