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Palm EFB Briquette Press and Palm EFB Briquetting Machine

Kingman, as the leading palm EFB (empty fruit bunch) briquette press and palm EFB briquette plant supplier, has been devoting to the design and manufacture professional palm briquette press and palm fiber briquette plant for a long time.
Clients of Kingman who possess palm kernel shell, palm fibre, shredded EFB, can put our palm EFB briquette press into use. Besides, palm EFB briquettes and charcoal have been widely sold and used for domestic and worldwide biomass boilers and power plants.
 palm fiber

Kingman has been dedicating to palm fiber Briquette machine and palm fiber briquetting plant manufacturing for so many years with amassed experience and commissioning skills. Among our clients of palm EFB Briquette presses, a majority of them come from Malaysia where palm EFB market is huge and palm EFB processing is quite extensive and mature. Therefore, we have been dynamically developing Malaysian palm EFB Briquetting press market and palm fiber processing technology. The palm EFB biomass briquette fuel has been lavishly supplied to local biomass boiler users across whole Malaysia. Kingman palm EFB briquetting plants, taking the palm EFB briquette machines as the core, are capable of handling moist palm EFB materials. Within a systematic project, palm EFB or palm fiber will be crushed, dried, squeezed into briquettes and packaged. Miserably, palm EFB material due to the rich content of palm fiber is burnt directly in some areas, which adversely affects our environment quality with heavy smog and pungent smell lingering all over the air.
However, palm EFB briquettes and charcoal featuring high density perform more stable with high thermal value. The palm fiber briquettes and charcoal are even easier to stored and transported with the costs reduced for clients.
Favorably, the palm EFB pellet fuel is of smokeless combustion and of less waste discharge. Palm EFB briquette and charcoal market as of now have been booming since its emergence. The kind of briquette fuel is not only an alternative, but also a clean, environment-friendly and renewable energy resource.
The use and application of palm EFB briquettes and charcoal:
Power plants; biomass boilers; domestic briquette stoves and fireplaces; BBQ; domestic cooking and central heating generation.

Palm Fiber Briquettes
Palm fiber briquette is the compressed palm fiber from briquette machine. Palm fiber is one of the common biomass commodities in Malaysia. Unfortunately the raw palm fibre is not favourable
Malaysia is well know for oil palm agriculture, and shredded EFB fibre is the by-product for the industry. Converting shredded EFB fiber becoming EFB briquettes and charcoal is a major contribution in renewable energy.
EFB briquette is the product manufactured from shredded EFB fibre.
EFB briquette, bulky in volume, possesses high moisture and low net calorific value, which can be improved after being extruded into briquette shape. EFB briquettes can also be classified as a pellet energy source for example saw dust pellet.
After gone through the briquetting process, shredded EFB fibre become EFB briquettes and charcoal which become a reliable bio-fuel resource.

Advantages of palm EFB Briquettes and charcoal
EFB Briquettes with Low Moisture in Nature
The moisture content of palm EFB briquettes accounts for about 8-12% whereby compared to the Shredded EFB fibre, the moisture of the latter always stands at between 50-60%. This can also predominantly imply that the transport cost is saved substantially because a big portion of moisture is eliminated during the material transformation.
High Heating Energy and Efficiency
Dried EFB briquettes and charcoal also mean the burning condition is more effective and user is able to retrieve better efficiency and predictable result. Palm EFB briquettes and charcoal will go under thoroughly combustion in boiler chamber with only 5% of substance leftover as ash content.
Easy Control and Broad application
Briquette and charcoal sizes are small in dimension and easy for repack if house-hold application is needed.  Some of the palm EFB briquettes and charcoal are repacked into convenient bag size in order to be sold to end users for BBQ burning substance. Besides, palm EFB charcoal can be used for BBQ.
EFB briquettes and charcoal Generate Low to No smoke during the Combustion
Air pollution is one of the hot topics that always draws many users’ attention.  One of the significant advantages for briquettes and charcoal is that it will not generate smoke or fume during the combustion process, which means very minimum particulate being emitted to the air.
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