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Advantages of briquette machine determine its development prospect

The importance of the briquette machine determines its indispensability in the production of briquettes and charcoal. Then, what kind of characteristics and performance make the briquette machine so important in the production?

advantages of briquette machine

1. Rational design, reliable manufacturing quality, and the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, less land occupation, labor and electricity saving.
2. Full automatic control electric heating device of briquette machine can not only adjust the humidity of wood material, but also improve the production efficiency, guarantee the stability of forming and discharging of briquettes.
3. To make the briquette machine better adapt to the processing production, the main part needs to adopt the wear-resisting material with special treatment and satisfy the work demand of continuous pressing production.
4. The briquette machine need to be able to meet various raw material processing and production, adapt to pressing and molding of various raw materials with high production efficiency and continuous production.
5. The briquette machine adopts a new type of paint lubrication design, which can be easily processed and produced by using the oil immersed lubrication instead of the old lubrication method.
6. The briquette machine adopts increasing pitch design, which can further increase the feed volume, greatly increase production output and improve the production efficiency.

The products of briquette machine are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection, and can also be used in food barbecue, civil heating, etc. They have wide application and high demand. Northern summer is the wheat harvest season, it also provides precious raw materials for the production of briquette machine. Crop stalks, wood cutting and biological materials can be used in the production of charcoal. The discarded straws can be fully made use of and turned into treasure. With a big profit, we can create benefits, protect the ecological environment and protect the forest resources of our nature.

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