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The Wide Use of Briquette Charcoal

The Northern Hemisphere now is facing up to severe winter. In this regard, people usually will talk about what can be the most practical and economical fuel for heating. The answer of course is biomass briquettes and briquette charcoal. We hereinafter would like to take briquette charcoal as example to elaborate upon the reasons.

People usually use charcoal for heating and the fuel is also the best option for BBQ and hot pot meal during the harsh winter due to its smokeless feature with high thermal value and long-time combustion. Aside from the aforesaid advantages, briquette charcoal also boasts excellent capability of absorption thanks to numerous pores of it to absorb and discharge other micro substances.

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Therefore, charcoal can also be applied as dehumidizer. Specifically, it will absorb moisture in humid environment while discharging moisture in arid atmosphere, which proves the flexibly adjustable function of the kind. Charcoal can also help remove smell and harmful matters. The porous trait of charcoal enables roots of plants to reserve water on the one hand and improve soil in permeability and drainage, offering an improved growing environment for microorganism. Decorative charcoal now has been widely used for bonsai and edible charcoal serves food preservation and deodorant. 

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