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Charcoal Briqutte Press & Briquette Charcoal Press

Operational Instructions of Charcoal Briqutte Press and Briquette Charcoal Press

Choosing Raw Material
Before briquetting, raw material confirmation remains a quite indicator. As we know, plantage includes perennial woody plants and annual herbaceous plants, among which the former in principle boast the supreme-quality feedstock. High-quality biomass briquettes manufactured from the plants feature low ash content 4%, high carbon content 80% and high thermal value 7500Kcal/kg. Comparatively, herbaceous plant material processed via briquette charcoal press contains high ash content reaching about 20%, fixed carbon 60% and thermal value 5000Kcal/kg, which is better used for heating.

Raw Material

Drying and Briquetting
After being sifted and dried, powder material can then be produced into biomass briquettes. However, drying section goes crucial for charcoal briquette press, namely, the moisture content lowered imperatively to 12%-16%. Choosing a compatible drying system will lay a good groundwork for briquetting. Characterized by high efficiency, Kingman dryer can get material water content decreased to about the required for briquetting from 35%-50% just at a time.
Some clients may be led to incorrect working principle of briquetting, so we hereby ought to point out the misunderstanding and help clients to comprehend the skills. Sometimes, fissures and cracks occur to biomass briquettes, or weight and density of briquettes at times become lower than expected. The aforesaid situations seem not like what some clients think of due to the low efficiency and poor performance of briquette press but are likely triggered by the improper drying. Moisture content of material is tightly close to briquetting, with the former influencing the latter greatly. By no means can briquetting go smooth unless the drying can be done well.

Ariflow Dryer

Briquette Carbonization
In earthen kiln: a higher volume of charcoal can be produced per time but the carbonizing time last long, about 5-7 days. Besides, the production is subject to heavy smoke. In light of stringent regulations and decrees across so many regions, earthen kilns will not be a good way out.For carbonization, loosely pack the collected biomass into the kiln. The kiln will accommodate—100kg dry biomass. After loading the biomass into the kiln, close the top of the kiln with metal lid attached to a conical chimney. In the absence of air, the burning process is slow and the fire slowly spreads to biomass through the holes in the perforated sheets.

Wood Briquette MachineSawdust briquette Machine

Anoxic combustion: biomass briquettes are kindled first and just within an airtight environment they will be carbonized combusted by one another. The temperature for carbonization is usually kept around 400 degrees Celsius, yet with a relatively lower yield. But it prevails in most countries.

High efficiency bbq charcoal sawdust briquette machine for sale. We share the knowhow in a bid to help clients to choose proper charcoal briquette press, briquette charcoal press and dryer lest briquetting production or even your investment in briquetting plant is done  in vain.


ZBJ-CY Briquette Machines
ZBJ-CY briquette machines can press the straw (agricultural waste) into briquette. The product is biomass fuel. It can be run with electrical power and diesel power. the raw materials are all kind of agricultural wastes. and the moisture can be 5%-30%. The diameter of the raw material is from 8mm to 70mm.
Raw materials for biomass briquette
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Sawdust Briquette Press
Homemade Briquette Machine&Homemade Briquette Press
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