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Charcoal Briquettes Machines

Charcoal briquettes machines take waste material, offcut and residue of agriculture, forestry and industry as raw material to produce biomass briquette fuel which can be further carbonized into charcoal with charcoal machine or carbonizing furnace. Charcoal made from briquettes feature no loss, smokeless and environment-friendly advantages and charcoal can be widely applicable to agro planting, industrial production, food and pharmacy as well as domestic use.

Charcoal briquettes machines can be roughly divided into professionally used types such as straw briquettes machines, sawdust briquettes machines, rice husk briquettes machines, twig-made briquettes machines and saw shavings-made briquettes machines.
Charcoal making machines are mainly comprised of crusher, dryer, charcoal briquettes machines, and carbonizing furnace or charcoal machines.

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There are chiefly four steps to make biomass waste into briquettes and charcoal. First, biomass material shall be crushed into powder and fine granule. Second, crushed material is bound to being dried to 15% or so. Third, briquette machines are capable of squeezing raw material into briquettes. Last but not least, briquettes can be carbonized into charcoal with charcoal machines or carbonizing furnace.
There are some failures you may run into during the process of briquetting based upon charcoal briquettes machines.
1. Briquetting performance seems unstable due to the intermittent squeezing. The main reasons remain a shortage of heating power which results in unevenly low temperature and the feeding volume shall be kept uniform. Therefore, the heating coil of charcoal briquettes machines shall be turned on prior to briquetting for preheating of briquetting mold. Besides, ensure the auto-feeding speed stay consistent.
2. More fissures happen to the appearance of briquettes with lower density and extruding pressure. The solutions to the failure include the adjustment of screw rod, namely the propeller; change of mold; alternation of temperature; more material of rich lignin shall be mixed with.
3. Blowout of material from briquette machine. It turns out moisture content of material for briquetting is still high. It shall be dried again. The front end of screw rod, namely the propeller, shall be polished and readjusted.
4. No discharge of briquettes from the machine. The compression ratio shall be adjusted.
It has proved clearly that maintenance of mold, namely the screw rod, is the most important technique of a briquetting plant. The maintenance work should be constantly done by operators or specific repairer.
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