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How to Start a Palm EFB Briquette Plant

Palm oil is widely known by plenty of people but maybe you have no idea about how important palm EFB and palm fiber are for making biomass briquettes. Palm EFB briquette plant offered by Kingman can help you to turn your palm empty fruit bunches, namely palm EFBs, into briquette fuel and pellet fuel.

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As we know, palm trees are lavishly covering some tropical and subtropical regions such as Southeast Asia and South America and China. Besides, palm oil has been extensively extracted and used by people. However, during the process of palm oil extraction, palm emptry fruit bunches, also known as palm EFB will also be produced. The point is that the material can be used as raw material for making biomass fuel such as briquettes, pellets and charcoal. In the wake of development of renewable fuel market, biomass fuel market counts most within the framework of renewable fuel market. And briquettes and pellets, in particular, charcoal fuel is urgently demanded for large amounts. In this aspect, Kingman delved into advancement of palm fiber briquette press and palm EFB briquette plant to process palm EFB from oil extraction industry into biomass briquette fuel and charcoal.

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To start a palm EFB briquette plant or even simply use a palm fiber briquette press, you should have an abundant supply of palm EFB. If you already enjoy a rich material resource, then you should take into consideration drying of the palm EFB. Generally, the moisture content of palm EFB accounts for about 50% or even higher due to the moist growing environment. Fortunately, Kingman can offer you specifically designed drying system aiming to dry palm EFB with a proper water content before processed into palm EFB briquette press. To run a palm EFB briquette plant, we should take all the equipment into account systematically, as a whole, such as crusher, dryer, palm fiber briquette press and packing machine. Especially, the palm fiber briquette press professionally designed can cater to the demands for processing both a small or large scale palm EFB briquette plant.
As for details of starting a palm EFB briquette plant or operating palm fiber briquette press, please feel free to consult us. We would like to help you with the establishment of biomass fuel business.
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