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The main reasons for failing to repair of screw rods

The main reasons for failing to repair of screw rods

Screw rods, namely propeller and forming mold of briquette press. The mold as mentioned before shall be revamped. Otherwise, briquette press performance will be affected due to the abrasion of mold. However, we heard from clients that they sometimes encountered some failures of briquette presses still relating to screw rod. Therefore, it is quite imperative for us to summarize and share with clients the knowledge about screw rod.

Get to know more about screw rod

1. Shoddy welding material for repairing screw rods will result in short time of use. Technically, the electrode to be used should possess the characters of wear resistance and high temperature resistance. If some generally used electrode is put into practice, it is likely for the welding rod to sustain just 5 to 10 hours. And the special electrode can maintain for 100 hours plus.
2. Screw rod of briquette press may not be welded well. Electrowelding technology can just help the rod to survive for 30 hours or so while oxygen or spray welding is capable of cracking the problem of high temperature resistance. Besides, wear-resistant material under electrowelding cannot smelt into steel material evenly, the latter of which is made into screw rods.
3. Different materials demand distinguished compression ratios, which is usually ignored by clients. Therefore, some clients may wonder the reasons for failure of briquetting even after propeller adjustment and inspection upon wear and tear. The fineness and hardness of material exert some impact upon the compression ratio of screw rod. Under normal circumstances, miscellaneous tree demands lower compression ratio while tree species like fir with the higher. So some people once asserted this was the reason for fir not to be briquetted. But to produce briquettes really demands experience accumulation in operation and differentiating one type of material from another. It is also suggested more than one kind of screw rod be prepared on the spot.

How to suspend the wear of screw propeller
Although propeller wear can be repaired, are there some ways we can suspend the wearing process? The answer is yes.
Use high quality electrode which is highly wear resistant. Common electrode welding is not wear-resistant and it will easily wear out when the fuel briquette press is working.
Learn to control the angel of the propeller
It is not easy to master. Take it as a long time learning and master the skill slowly. Feel free to ask the briquette press manufacture or supplier for help when you have any question.
Molding cylinder of wood briquette press
The molding cylinder is different form the propeller. The molding cylinder of wood briquette press can not be repaired. There is a taper sleeve in the forming tube and the wearing generally happens in the tapers sleeve. Once the cone sleeve is worn out, it needs to be replaced with a new one. If the molding cylinder is worn out, then the full set of the cylinder needs to be changed. For a new briquette press, the molding cylinder generally can be used for one or two years.
Other parts
There are some other wear parts such as heating circle and straight sets. But basically speaking, these parts are not wear parts. These parts can be used for 3-5 years. Besides, it doesn’t cost a lot even if replacement is needed.

The briquette press market is booming favorably and the techniques have also been developed a lot. We have confidence in offering the most suitable and tailor-made briquette presses and briquetting plants for clients with different demands.
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