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What should be noticed when using wood crusher machine

Due to the outstanding crushing performance and low price, wood crusher machine has been widely used by many users in the production of briquettes. The wood crusher machine adopts hammer type crushing principle, which can effectively prevent the machine from getting jammed due to insufficient power or too fast feeding of material. The wood crusher machine can be used to crush corn stalk, straw, peanut shells, bean stalk, crop waste, stem and other crop wastes that can be burned to lay a good foundation for the carbonizing process.

using tips of wood crusher machine

Most of the crushing materials to be crushed in the wood crusher machine are raw materials of agriculture and forestry waste, which is lower in cost. According to the properties of different materials, the density, shrinkage ratio and moisture content of original material would impact the crushing efficiency of the raw material. When the loose material is crushed into granular, block and uniform form, the density and components of the material would be changed greatly to make its density close to the density of charcoal. During the crushing process, finished products of different granularity can be obtained with less powder, which provides a favorable production condition for the production of briquette machine.The following matters need to pay attention to in the process of using wood crusher machine:

1. Check whether there is foreign body inside the crushing chamber (the crushing chamber must be empty before starting), connected to the power supply.
2. Tighten the wing nuts of the cover and crushing chamber.
3. Start the motor and idle the machine for 1 to 2 minutes, then feed the material slowly from the feeding plate. The feeding should not be too much or too fast.
4. If the materials get stuck and the motor does not turn, you should stop the machine immediately, in order to avoid motor from getting burned. You may continue to use after the material being cleared out.
5. It is strictly prohibited to open the cover and put the hand into the crushing chamber of the wood crusher machine when in use.
6. The machine is the dry type crusher machine, not suitable for crushing wet or greasy materials.
7. Please change the screen according to the different crushing requirements of users.
8. The machine adopts overheat protector, when the motor load is too large, it will stop automatically. Press the protector again to continue the operation.

Wood crusher machine is an important part in the production of briquette machine. It makes outstanding contribution in reducing the production cost, energy conservation, environmental protection and waste resources recycling. Wood crusher machine produced by our company can crush many kinds of wood and branches into sawdust directly. It also can be used to crush bamboo, straw, couch grass, sorghum straw, etc. The wood crusher machine is marked by less space occupation, high efficiency and stable performance, welcome to purchase our products.

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