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Application and market demand of charcoal produced by biomass briquette machine

In recent years, biomass briquette machine is known to more and more people. However, many people are not clear what the charcoal can be used for except the barbecue. Can charcoal only be used for barbecuing? Of course not, the following are the application and market demand of charcoal.

charcoal and biomass briquette machine

In fact, charcoal has a wide range of applications.
Industrial use of charcoal: industrial charcoal is mainly used for industrial materials and metallurgy in the chemical industry. A medium-sized industrial silicon plant requires more than 10,000 tons of carbon a year. In addition, the production of activated charcoal, silicon carbide, crystalline silicon, thermal insulation materials, smelters, copper plants, steel mills, rubber factories and other industries demand a large amount of charcoal.
Agriculture, animal husbandry areas: the contribution of charcoal on agriculture and livestock production are improving the ground temperature, soil improvement, maintain soil moisture and it can be used as relieving agent of organic fertilizer and soil improvement of acid and alkaline. It has promising market in domestic and foreign agriculture and animal husbandry area.
Life area: people often use charcoal for heating, barbecue, hot pot, frying of southern tea and tobacco drying, etc. In addition, charcoal can also regulates the room air temperature, humidity and the elimination of harmful gases, etc. It has become a necessary product in people's life.

Charcoal produced by biomass briquette machine and carbonizing furnace has large market demand.
The annual demand for charcoal in chemical industry and metallurgical industry reaches 6 million tons, and the annual demand of the food industry reaches 600 tons, and the annual demand for civil use, barbecue and other products is 5 million tons, and the annual export volume is 2 million tons. The extensive use of charcoal reflects its good commercial value, also brings great business opportunities to investors. The current production capacity of charcoal cannot meet the market demand. For this reason, the price of the mechanism charcoal will not be shaken for a short time, and the investment of charcoal industry would have a stable market at present.

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