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What's the reason for too high ash content of charcoal?

The ash content of charcoal directly affects its use and economic value. Thus, people want the ash content in charcoal to be as small as possible to expand its application. However, the ash of charcoal varies with the process and temperature of carbonizing. There are mainly three reasons for the high ash content of the machine made charcoal.

briquette machine and charcoal

1. High ash content of the raw material itself: materials like rice husk, straw and weeds have high ash content, thus the ash content of charcoal made of these materials is relatively higher, which can not be used in the barbecue industry generally. Instead, it can only be used in industrial processing.
2. High carbonizing temperature: in the carbonizing process with carbonizing furnace, if the temperature is too high, the elements of carbon combines with hydrogen and oxygen and the content of carbon would get relatively small, and the ash in the charcoal increases relatively.
3. The raw materials are not clean: one of the main ways to solve this problem is to control the transportation of raw materials and try to ensure that the raw materials are not polluted during transportation. On the other hand, control the storage conditions of raw materials and avoid the pollution of sand and soil. We also need to control the source of the raw materials.

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