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Is adhesive necessary for making briquettes with briquette machine?

Some charcoal factories would add a large amount of adhesives in raw materials when making briquettes with briquette machine in order to make the briquettes have good sell and strong hardness. However, they would release a lot of harmful gas when burning. Do all charcoal factories use adhesive? Is it really necessary to add adhesives when making briquettes? Here to tell you the truth.

briquette production with briquette machine

In fact, there is no need to add adhesive when making briquettes. The forming principle of briquette machine is high temperature and high pressure spiral extrusion. Because the raw materials used in the production of charcoal are wood waste, which contains a lot of lignin that they can be made into briquettes easily after high temperature processing. That the raw material can be extruded into briquettes mainly because these materials have a common feature, that it contains a certain amount of lignin, which would soften and liquefied when the temperature reaches 200-300 degrees Celsius. It can be bonded tightly with the cellulose as long as put some pressure on it.

The briquette machine produced by our company adopts powerful propeller, constant temperature heating coil and a series of advanced materials and accessories, which can make the biomass raw materials bond together in high temperature under strong extrusion so as to form strong briquettes. The following are the characteristics of our briquette machine:

1. The product has reasonable design, reliable manufacturing quality, simple structure, convenient operation, small size, little occupation, labor saving and electricity saving.
2. Equipped with automatic control electric heating device, which can adjust the humidity of material, ensure the stability of the material forming and improve the work efficiency.
3. The main parts of briquette machine are made of wear-resistant materials through special treatment that it can be used in continuous production.

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