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Customer from Cameroon purchased our wood crusher and briquette machine

On April 24, our customer from Cameroon purchased one set of wood crusher machine and briquette machine (model 110) and satisfied about the performance and operation of the equipment.

briquette machine and wood crusher

Briquette machine produced by our company can be used to press the agricultural wastes into briquettes, which is a kind of biomass fuel suitable for domestic fireplaces, small and medium sized biomass boilers, industrial power and heating productions. The machine can be driven by electrical power and diesel power and it is made of special alloy steel with high degree of wear resistance that the service life of mould can be utterly prolonged.

Our wood crusher machine can be used to crush many kinds of materials, including wood, branches, bamboo, straw, couch grass, sorghum straw, etc. It has the features of less space occupation, high efficiency and stable performance. Thus, the machine can be moved flexibly. The raw material to be processed in the wood crusher shall be less than 200mm in diameter and can be crushed into different sizes by adjusting the position of cutter. The wood crusher machine can be used separately or used as a part of briquetting process with briquette machine.

In addition to the briquette machine and wood crusher machine, we also provide other equipment for briquettes and charcoal production, including the conveyer, drying machine, carbonizing furnace, etc. Contact us to know more about the equipment.

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