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What are the conditions needed for briquette machine production

The main equipment used in the production of briquette machine are composed of four parts: the wood crusher machine, dryer, briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Raw material inspection is an important step before the production of briquette machine. The humidity of straw materials is related to the production quality of briquette machine. In theory, the most appropriate humidity of the raw material is 6% to 15%. First of all, the raw material would be sent into the wood crusher machine for crushing, and then drying in the dryer to meet the requirements of briquetting. After drying, the materials are sent into the briquette machine for preshaping and finally sent into the carbonizing furnace to produce high-quality straw charcoal.

Briquette machine production process
The requirement on the raw materials used in the production of briquette machine is very strict, the moisture of raw materials before making briquette should be controlled within 12%. However, there are still some users who can not control the moisture of raw material very well, this is not the problem that their control of the moisture of raw materials is not in place, but they do not use these raw materials for making briquettes in the best time. The raw material after drying has the best effect for briquette production, but it does not mean that it can meet the requirement of briquette production permanently. Then, how to store the raw materials after drying? Raw materials after drying had better be used to make briquette within 6 hours. Otherwise, the raw material will get damp again after storing for long because of the humidity of the air. Better not to put the raw material into use on the next day after drying, which would influence the quality of raw material forming.
The following four steps should be tested before the production of briquette machine:
1. Commissioning of briquette machine. The operator should turn the host shaft for 2-5 rounds under the condition of the outage to check whether the rotation of host is smooth and normal and whether the occlusion between the gear is close.
2. After confirming that the briquette machine can rotate normally, connect the power supply and start the motor to check whether the system operation is stable and the cohesion between each link is compact.
3. Start the dust removal equipment to examine whether the pump pressure is normal and whether there are phenomenon such as air leakage or pressure instability.
4. Put a small amount of raw materials in the briquette machine for preproduction, check the quality of the charcoal carefully. If it is not qualified, analyses the problems and solve them timely.

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