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Electric energy consumption saving tips of briquette machine

If you want to save the electric energy consumption of briquette machine when making briquettes, the first thing you need to know is what is the starting point of the electric energy consumption. Usually, there are two aspects that the electricity energy consumption generated by the briquette machine. 

energy consumption of briquette machine
The first one is the punching power energy consumption, which belongs to the normal consumption of mechanical driving force. Thus, there is no power saving way. The second one is the energy consumption of heating power. The energy comes from the heating ring, accessory of the briquette machine. Since high temperature forging is needed in the processing of briquette machine, the heating ring can conduct electricity to heat up and meet the production requirement. Although there is electric energy consumption in briquetting and heating of briquette machine, the purpose of the energy consumption is to improve the material temperature for molding. While the drying process of briquette machine is also the temperature raising process of raw material, if we can make better use of the process, then the briquetting and heating power energy consumption of briquette machine can be saved.
If using raw material drying temperature of briquette machine to satisfy the need of heating, we must pay attention to the heat preservation aspect of raw material drying, that is to say, the raw materials after drying shall be immediately sent into processing and production of briquette machine with the time interval. In this way, the remaining heat of raw materials can be used in the process of briquetting. While if the raw material after drying by the rotary drum dryer is stored for a while, then the temperature of raw material will drop due to the external environment, the heating ring should be start to raise the temperature when briquetting, which can not achieve the effect of electric energy saving.
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