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Different configuration of briquette machine production

The basic work of briquette machine in the production of biomass briquette is the forming process. Raw material is processed under high temperature and high pressure of the screw propeller of briquette machine. In the manufacture of briquette machine, we usually set the motor, bearing body, screw propeller and forming sets as the core components. Each of these components has a direct impact on the quality of the molding effect.

configuration of briquette machine production
On the choice of motor, we usually choose the motor of 15kw as the standard configuration of briquette machine, which can also ensure the heating of equipment when working continuously. If the output power is reduced, it would directly result in lower density of briquette produced. The motor of more than 15 kw or 18.5 kw is ideal, which can not only ensure the strength of the extrusion, but also work continuously. The quality of domestic motor which is produced in Dalian is better. For the bearing, the model should be larger. Generally speaking, the quality of bearing produced in Harbin or Wafangdian is better. When choosing and purchasing the equipment, users can focus on the two parts above. The overall equipment quality in accordance with the above requirements should be no problem. If there are specific requirements of customers on high power motor, motor of 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw or 30kw can also be used.
In the production of briquette, the dryer used in the process of the raw material drying is crucial. Generally, the airflow dryer or large rotary drum dryer is used. Then, which kind of dryer should be equipped in the production of briquette machine? In the following content, we would make a detailed analysis: problems like what the raw material is, what the moisture of raw material drying is, how much moisture should be removed, what the drying production is and whether high configuration or common configuration is needed must be clear before the selection of briquette machine. Our company can recommend the most suitable equipment according to the requirements of the customers.
The rotary drum dryer produced by our company is mainly used for drying raw materials such as the sawdust, rice husk, furfural residue, coconut shell, nut shell, etc. As for other materials, it need to be further discussed with our technical personnel. The diameter of small rotary drum dryer is 600mm and the length is 5 meters. The device is first choice and preferred drying equipment for small charcoal factory of future expansion of the factory.
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