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Which equipment is essential in briquette machine production line?

Some equipment are essential in large briquette machine production line. Otherwise, it would seriously affect the production and result in low working efficiency. Then, which equipment is necessary in the briquette machine production line? The essential equipment in the production line of briquette machine are: the wood crusher machine, the dryer, the briquette machine and the carbonizing furnace.

briquette machine production line

Wood crusher machine: in addition to the pure sawdust, all other raw materials need to be processed with wood crusher machine when being used for making briquettes. However, there are only a few customers who uses the pure sawdust as raw materials in the production, so ninety-nine percent of customers need to buy the wood crusher machine, otherwise the raw material can't be processed.

Dryer: the dryer is not necessary for family production, since the raw material can be spread out on the ground for drying. if it is for sales, the dryer must be equipped. Spread the raw material for drying not only need enough space, but also need to take up a lot of time, which greatly influences the production of charcoal. The air flow sawdust dryer can be used to dry the wet sawdust, powder conveyed by the screw conveyor continuously into the drying tube. In the transmission and dispersion of high speed hot air, moisture in wet materials is vaporized and the process of drying is obtained. It is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, air flow drying pipe, cyclone separator and fan.

Briquette machine: there must be a briquette machine when making charcoal, otherwise the raw material cannot be made into briquettes.

Carbonizing furnace: now the state has prohibited kiln carbonizing, because of serious kiln pollution to our environment. While the carbonizing furnace is equipped with flue gas purification system, which can purify the gas produced, and recover the combustible material such as wood tar, wood vinegar liquid in furnace. As a result, the problem of pollution has been solved thoroughly, and the rate of carbonization has been accelerated. The production efficiency has been increased indirectly as well.

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