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Successive and increasing feeding of briquette machine

It takes a while of briquette machine just starting for running in. In the meantime, some users would start normal feeding and production in this stage in order to save the cost of production and avoid the waste of power consumption due to the run-in of briquette machine. In fact, this kind of practice is not infeasible. Since the run-in period of briquette machine is special, if you want to start production, you need to change the way of feeding to make it adapt to the running-in of briquette machine, and the successive and increasing feeding is the best way.

feeding of briquette machine
Successive and increasing feeding should be made mainly according to the production capacity of briquette machine. For the briquette machine with the production capacity of 1 ton per hour, the feeding must not be carried out in accordance with the capacity proportion of the equipment during its start and running in period, that is, the operator can not put 3 tons of raw material immediately into the machine (according to the equivalent capacity of mechanism charcoal, 3 tons of raw material can be made into one ton of finished product). The main reason is that the optimum power of briquette machine can not be given full play when processing materials in the running-in period. Feeding according to the max capacity of the equipment for the first time would affect the normal running of briquette machine, resulting in material plugging, overload and wear of the equipment parts. Thus, successive and increasing feeding should be made according to the working state of briquette machine, that is, increasing the amount of feeding gradually.
In the production of briquette machine, some workers would feed materials continuously into the briquette machine regardless of the feed volume of briquette machine in order to finish the specified quantity of work as soon as possible. In theory, it can make the briquette machine achieve the maximum production performance, but in practice, this way of adding material would lead to blocking of briquette machine. In addition, according to the drive and bearing capacity of motors, if there is too much blocking of raw material, it would lead to load failure of briquette machine, which is likely to damage the spare parts on the transmission mechanism of briquette machine, such as the propeller, grinding tool, etc. To avoid this phenomenon, users need to take measures in time to make the material return when the blocking of briquette machine appears, namely to discharge the raw material filled in the briquette machine until the rest of the raw materials meet the corresponding processing ability of briquette machine. Users should also pay attention to the safety problem. When discharging materials by hand directly, the power supply should be turned off before discharging and the operator should wear anti-static gloves, in case the static electricity of briquette machine that would get the arm of the operator wounded.

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