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First commissioning of briquette machine

In fact, commissioning of briquette machine is to check whether the accessories are installed steadily and whether the running state is normal. Though the commissioning work of briquette machine seems simple, charcoal machine, the operator still need to pay attention to the current security. The first time commissioning of briquette machine is mainly the testing for the new briquette machine that hasn't been put into production. It mainly includes whether the accessories are installed steadily and whether the running-in of accessories is normal.

commissioning of briquette machine

As we know, the accessories of new briquette machine are never used for production. If normal production voltage is used for the first commissioning, the high voltage and current would affect the preheating of motor, even damage the accessories of briquette machine. The reasons are as follows:

The commissioning of briquette machine is under no-load condition. If normal production voltage is used, the high current would take the motor of briquette machine directly into high-speed operation, thus there is no preheating stage for the accessories of briquette machine. In this case, the belt on the motor would be damaged by the high temperature of high speed running, and the accessories of briquette machine would have different degrees of meshing and wear.

It is recommended that the commissioning of briquette machine for the first time had better be made under the environment of low voltage, because the low voltage is enough to drive the no-load commissioning of briquette machine, which can not only check the accessories installation of briquette machine, but also play a role in terms of the preheating of briquette machine accessories. The most important thing is that it won't produce commissioning damage brought by the high voltage electric current.

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