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Which factors would influence the heat of charcoal?

Generally, the heat of charcoal produced by briquette machine is mainly affected by the raw materials and carbonizing technology.

briquette machine and carbonizing furnace

1. The raw material.
The carbon content of the mechanism charcoal determines its heat. The higher the carbon content of charcoal, the higher the calorific value, so the raw material is crucial to produce high heat mechanism charcoal. As we mentioned in previous articles, woody plant has low ash content and high carbon content, the heat of charcoal produced is higher. While herbaceous plant has high ash content and low carbon content, thus the yield of charcoal is lower and the heat of charcoal produced is quite lower than that of woody plant.

2. Carbonizing technology
Besides the raw material, the carbonizing technology is another important factor influencing the heat of charcoal. Charcoal with high heat can not be produced without good carbonizing technology. The following two points should be noticed when making charcoal with briquette machine.
(1). The pressure of the briquette machine: the greater the extrusion pressure of the wood briquette machine, the greater the density and intensity of the briquettes, and the higher the heat of charcoal.
(2). Carbonizing temperature control: improve the final carbonizing temperature of the carbonizing furnace, and slow down the heating and cooling rate, then finished products of high density and high hardness can be produced. It also increases the heat of the mechanism charcoal.

These two factors not only affect the heat of the mechanism charcoal, but also affect the quality of charcoal. They determine the price of charcoal produced by briquette machine. There is no need to worry about the price and sell of charcoal with high density, hardness and heat. If you have any other problems in the production process, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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