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How to protect the briquette machine made of stainless steel material?

As we know, almost all the factories used high-quality steel for the production of briquette machine equipment. This kind of steel has good plasticity and compression and wear-resisting. The only insufficient place is that it is not waterproof. Since in the production of briquette machine equipment to produce briquettes and charcoal, the drying process is involved that it is inevitable to contact with water. After using for a long time, the machine body and accessories of operating

briquette machine conveying

mechanism of the briquette machine would rust, which would seriously affect its service life. Therefore, many manufacturers of briquette machine equipment started to use the stainless steel material to make briquette machine. Compared with the high quality steel, the stainless steel has good waterproof performance and strong corrosion resistance, but its compression wear-resisting performance is not so outstanding as high-quality steel. The following two points should be paid attention to for the briquette machine made of stainless steel:

1. Delivery: when the manufacturer delivers the equipment of briquette machine, the machine must be hoisted in the freight car. Pay attention to the slings for lifting, generally do not use steel wire rope, since it would scratch the body of briquette machine equipment. The lifting belt had better be used in order to avoid the damage brought by lifting on the stainless steel briquette machine equipment.

2. Consign moving: when placing the briquette machine equipment, pay attention not to operate manually to avoid dragging on the ground that may make the base of briquette machine damaged. The small tyre van can be used to place the machine. If there is dirt on the way of conveying the briquette machine equipment, you can use the oilcloth to wrap the equipment of briquette machine for dustproof.

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