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The importance of carbonizing furnace in charcoal production

Carbonizing furnace is one of the most important equipment in making charcoal. Its importance in the production of charcoal is undoubted. The production personnel should pay attention to the regulation in the use of carbonizing furnace and carefully grasp the production process to ensure the safety and quality of charcoal production line.

carbonizing furnace and charcoal

The importance of the carbonizing furnace in the production is to ensure good sealing in the process of production. The raw material can be carbonized fully under the condition of good sealing. If air leakage phenomenon appears during the production, then a large amount of oxygen would enter into the carbonizing furnace. The sudden increase of oxygen would lead to spontaneous combustion of briquettes produced by briquette machine. Meanwhile, the carbonizing temperature rises too fast, which would influence the quality of charcoal produced. For example, the texture of charcoal produced is loose and easy to broken. The most serious result is excessive burning of briquettes, which would be burnt into pieces, increase the production cost and lower the quality of charcoal produced.
For the production of charcoal, the carbonization process of carbonizing furnace is the core technology in the production process, and it is related to the quality of the whole charcoal production line. The carbonizing process of carbonizing furnace includes three stages: low temperature moisture eliminating, high temperature calcination and cooling. Good sealing in each stage of carbonizing should be made to guarantee the high quality production process and make the production more perfect.
The performance of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace plays an important role in the production of briquettes and charcoal. Therefore, users should choose the equipment with high efficiency and stale performance to ensure the quality of charcoal produced.

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