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Which equipment is not indispensable in charcoal production line?

The equipment used in charcoal production line usually includes wood crusher machine, dryer, briquette machine, carbonizing furnace and the auxiliary equipment usually includes the conveyor, cooler and packaging machine. Then, which equipment is optional in the charcoal production line? It should be determined by the raw materials and production requirements of each customer.

charcoal production line
The raw material
1. The size of the raw material used for making charcoal is required to be 2-4mm. If the raw material customers use is within this range, then you won't have to buy a wood crusher machine.
2. The humidity of raw materials for making charcoal should be 8-12%. If the customer's raw materials can reach the requirement, then the dryer may not be selected.
3. If the customer wants to make the original charcoal, which is to carbonize the raw material, then the wood crusher machine, dryer and the briquette machine are unnecessary, and a carbonizing furnace can be purchased separately.
The output
1. If the daily output of the customer is about a ton, then there is no need to use the conveyor, cooling machine and packaging machine, because the customer can load material, cool and pack themselves.
2. If the customer's daily output is larger, then the above equipment can't be reduced, otherwise, the labor force will be increased and the efficiency will be affected.
The configuration of the charcoal production line is changing with no fixed pattern. Through the above simple explanation from two aspects, we believe that you have a certain understanding about it. As professional briquette machine manufacturer, we can configure the equipment needed according to your requirements.

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