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The reason for low output of wood briquette machine

Wood briquette machine makes important contributions in agroforestry, since it can make the waste of agroforestry into briquettes and charcoal, which not only to protect the environment, but also reuse these materials and obtain good returns. Then, how to make good briquettes and what is the reason for the low output of wood briquette machine? This is a very important question, and only high yield can bring better returns.

wood briquette machine

When the output of wood briquette machine is lower, the first thing you need to consider is the raw materials. Only raw materials with high carbon content can make charcoal with high output. Then, check if the production process, particle size and moisture content of biomass briquettes raw material are standard after crushing and drying. Charcoal with high output can be produced only when the raw material can up to the standard. The next thing you can do is to check the wood briquette machine and see if the machine has a reasonable structure. Briquette machine with an unreasonable structure can't produce high yield of charcoal. The operation of the workers is also important in the production of briquettes and charcoal. Mastering the production technology can ensure the quality of charcoal produced. The workers should follow the standard of production strictly.

Note: don't package the charcoal just produced immediately. Instead, it should be placed for 8 to 12 hours before packaging, since there would be spark in the charcoal just produced, which is easy to be rekindled, causing a fire.

Wood briquette machine produced by our company is popular at home and abroad. Apart from the high quality briquette machine, we also provide you with other production equipment and accessories that will help you produce high yield charcoal, so that you can have better benefits.

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