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Raw materials used for making charcoal

Although we are talking about charcoal production for a long time, there are still part of customers doubtful about the choice of raw materials in the daily sales. In fact, materials with the texture of bamboo, sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob, shells, cotton straw and wood scraps can be used to make charcoal with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace produced by our company to create profit value. 

charcoal production with briquette machine
Get to know the differences between charcoal furnace and charcoal kiln

While there are strict restrictions on raw materials in the production process of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, such as the control of the moisture content and ash ratio of raw material. The moisture content of raw material must be controlled within 6% to 12%. Raw materials with higher moisture content can be put in the open air to dry in the sun for 1 ~ 2 days in order to make the water on its surface evaporated to reduce the time and fuel consumption of thermal drying. Then, granularity qualified raw material can be put into the hot air dryer for drying to make its moisture content lower than 10% under the drying temperature of 140℃ ~ 300℃ or so commonly. 

New environmental protection carbonizing furnace can process briquettes produced by briquette machine into smoke-free, tasteless, non-toxic charcoal by high temperature and purification to meet the requirements of the new rural construction. Charcoal produced by carbonizing furnace has high carbon content, less ash, high strength and good thermal conductivity. The heat value can reach more than 8000 calories. Its strong and effective use value can help solve the problem of regional fuel use. Besides, the charcoal can be stored better, suitable for long-term and effective utilization of energy.

When burning the charcoal, it is not hard to find that the combustion time of charcoal varies. Why the charcoal produced by the same carbonizing furnace are different? What factors determine the time of charcoal burning? And why there would be the medium temperature and low temperature carbon? Actually, the burning time of charcoal is determined by raw materials and the degree of charking. When the carbon content of charcoal is higher, the calorific value is higher and the calorific value is large when burning. The contact surface area of charcoal and air is also required to be small to extend the burning time. The surface here refers to of the outer surface of the material and the porosity of the internal parts.

Methods to prolong the burning time of charcoal: 1. To improve the molding pressure of briquette machine, thus the density and strength of briquette can be increased. 2.Raise the final carbonizing temperature of the carbonizing furnace, and slower the speed of heating and cooling to makes the finished product has high density and high hardness. We provide instructions and technical guidance of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace to reduce the investment risk of users.

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