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Is the motor power of briquette machine the higher the better?

As we know, the operation of briquette machine is driven by the motor. The power of some briquette machine is a few kilowatts, while some is more than a dozen kilowatts or even tens or hundreds of kilowatts. Whether the quality of charcoal produced by briquette machine with higher power is better? We believe that many people have doubts about it. 

motor power of briquette machine
Is the motor power of briquette machine the higher the better? The answer is no. In fact, the motor power of briquette machine is based on the power the equipment required for operation. If the motor the device need is only 5.5KW, while the motor you use is 11KW, although it will not overload, the cost is a little higher and the loss will increase during idling, which is also a waste of electricity. On the contrary, if the motor you choose is smaller than 5.5KW, then the motor will overload and easy to be burned with long time running, so the motor power of briquette machine is not the higher the better.
The following is the daily maintenance of the motor.
1. Change the lubricating oil regularly to check the heating condition and oil leakage of the bearing.
2. Pay attention to the sound and smell of the motor. If there is scorched flavor, it means that the temperature of the motor is too high. If there is noise during the operation, that means there is something wrong with the motor internal. No matter scorched flavor or noise appears, the operator need to stop the machine immediately for overhaul.
3. Do not overload the motor. The manufacturer would explain the equipment limits when purchasing the equipment, and the operator should always pay attention to the heating condition of the motor.
4. If higher power motor is used in large briquette machine production line, it is suggested to install ammeter for monitoring of the motor. The load current of motor should not exceed the current stipulated in the nameplate.

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