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What should be noticed in briquette machine production?

As the market demand of charcoal in the growing, workers in charcoal factories are also working overtime to increase the production. Since the charcoal produced is flammable, and the charcoal production equipment, including briquette machine, drying machine, rotary screen, carbonizing furnace and wood crusher use electricity in the production, therefore, users must pay special attention in the production, especially in high temperature days.

briquette machine for charcoal production

1. It is forbidden to carry fire and inflammables into the production site;
2. Check the equipment of the briquette machine each shift, because the temperature of the heating coil in the equipment is high, which is the most flammable ignition point;
3. Careful inspection of the line entering the charcoal production factory should be made and replace the circuit that need to be replaced;
4. During carbonization of carbonizing furnace, it is necessary to pay attention to the change of temperature meter above the carbonizing furnace, and the temperature meter should be replaced during the high temperature season. Users should also reduce the carbonizing time, and make sure that there is enough water in the field when the charcoal is discharged, so as to prevent the spontaneous combustion of charcoal from burning the charcoal factory.
5. It is helpful to prepare some fire extinguishers in the charcoal factory and to provide employees with some herbal teas to cool down.

The equipment used in the production of charcoal mainly includes the wood crusher machine, dryer, briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Each equipment has its own function and production advantages.
1. The main function of wood crusher machine is for crushing raw materials to ensure the follow-up of charcoal production.
2. The function of the dryer is to dry the raw material after crushing. After drying, the wood raw material can be made into briquettes.
3. The briquette machine is used for processing and forming of raw materials that have been dried by the dryer. After drying, the material can be well molded and formed.
4. Carbonizing furnace is the last procedure, which is used to carbonize the briquette into black mechanism charcoal and make it have better quality in use.

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