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The safe packing of finished product of briquette machine

The packing of the finished product of briquette machine can be divided into three types depending on the storage environment: insect-resistant packaging, moisture-proof packaging and shockproof packaging.

packing of charcoal

Generally speaking, if the manufacturing site of briquette machine is the place where the finished product stored, select the insect-resistant packaging. Since the production environment of briquette machine itself is the best storage environment with good ventilation, which not only saves the transportation packaging, but also need no moisture-proof packaging. The insect-resistant packaging should be used to restraint the insect bite in the environment. The shockproof packaging is mainly used for the exchange of the production sites and storage sites of briquette machine, while freight transport is needed during this period. 

No matter moving or transportation on the way, the product would be inevitably affected by the vibration brought about by the environment. Therefore, the shockproof packaging should be used to effectively prevent the phenomenon of damages to the finished product of charcoal. While the moisture-proof packaging is mainly used in when the humidity of the storage environment of finished product is higher. If storing directly, the humidity would lead to the decrease of the thermal volatilization quality of the finished product for a long time, thereby affecting the selling profit. Thus, the moisture-proof packaging is the best choice for the storage environment.

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