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Parts processing and material selection of briquette machine

Most of the spare parts of briquette machine (such as the heating ring, propeller, etc) take metal rolling material as billet, so a series of processing to the machine parts and structural materials of briquette machine should be made in accordance with production requirements before assembly. The following are the matters need attention in parts processing and selection of material of the accessories:

accessories of briquette machine
1. Material pretreatment of briquette machine equipment accessories used: including material acceptance, classification, storage, descaling, surface protection treatment and pre-blanking process. The aim is to improve the qualified raw materials for the machine parts of the briquette machine and obtain the bright welding product and the stable welding process.

2. Basic processing of accessories: including line (marking off), cutting (blanking), edge processing, hot and cold forming and groove clearing process of briquette machine equipment accessories before welding. The processing stage of briquette machine parts accounts for about 40% to 60% of the total amount of work in the welding structure. Thus, reasonable material processing technology and the application of advanced processing method play a very important role to improve the productivity of briquette machine equipment as a whole.
In order to ensure the reliable operation of briquette machine, we need to make no-load commissioning test of briquette machine before putting it into normal production by observing the reliability of the production system in each process and components of briquette machine, including whether the operation of crushing, drying, briquetting and carbonizing process is normal and stable and check whether there is big noise or high voltage in the commissioning process of the equipment. If above phenomenon appears in some system of briquette machine, the switching power supply of briquette machine must be switched off immediately. Then, repair and maintain the briquette machine after it stops. The briquette machine can be put into normal production when ensuring that there is no fault of operation.

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