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What failure would occur in the production process of briquette machine?

It is inevitable to face some mechanical problems in the production of any equipment. But in the production process of mechanical charcoal, emergency shutdown of briquette machine is rare. Strictly speaking, suddenly shut down of briquette machine is not going to happen under normal

production process of briquette machine

circumstances as long as you operate strictly according to the correct method of production. It is the truth that the sudden outage of briquette machine would not only influence the processing progress of mechanical charcoal, it can also lead to the waste of materials that have been invested to the production and bring some losses to charcoal manufacturers. To solve these problems, we must understand the cause of the failure first. What is the reason that causes the shutdown of briquette machine?

Factor 1: blockage of the discharging mouth in briquette machine makes the storage silo get packed, indirectly lead to the out force of the operating of discharging bearing and the shut down of briquette machine. Thus, we need to remove the blockage in the discharging mouth to ensure smooth discharge.
Factor 2: the v belt of the motor is too loose, causing belt slippage. The operator should tighten or replace the v-belt to solve such problems.
Factor 3: foot bolt of the forming sleeve in briquette machine is loose, resulting in the stuck of the bearing seat of the whole equipment and unable to turn.
Operators should be clear about all these reasons mentioned above to deal with the machine failure in time and find a quick solution.
In the production of briquette machine production line under normal circumstances, some wastes would be produced in the production process, which would produce certain effect to the environment. Thus, the smokeless designing scheme should be adopted to achieve environmental and pollution-free production process, improve the production environment of briquette machine and make the production of mechanical charcoal more environmental protection and more efficient.

The smoke produced in the process of production mainly come from the processing process of carbonizing furnace. If you want to improve the environment, you need to start from the carbonizing furnace. The utilization of new gas purification device can deal with the air pollution in the process of production and decompose the toxic and harmful substances in the process of production to achieve good purification effect. It can collect the wood tar and other by-products in the process of production as well, and the by-product collected can be processed again, which not only solves the problem of pollution, but increases the production efficiency. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing the mechanical charcoal production line, users had better choose the production line equipped with the smoke-free carbonizing furnace and purification plant to improve the efficiency of production line and save resources.

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