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Production stability of briquette machine

Customers who are going to buy the briquette machine can choose the equipment of high stability relying on their own knowledge as long as learning to distinguish the production stability of the briquette machine, which is also a safeguard for secure investment of their own production.

production of briquette machine
To distinguish the production stability of briquette machine, we can ask the manufacturers to add the maximum capacity of raw materials in the briquette machine, and then start the motor for trial production. After half an hour operation of briquette machine, technology inspection can be made. First, observe the running power of the motor and check whether it is beyond the rated voltage. If it is not beyond the rated voltage, then the briquette machine is in steady state. Otherwise, it is not qualified. Secondly, distinguish by listening to the sound of briquette machine. Check whether there is any abnormal noise of metal collision within the briquette machine and crushing mechanism. If there is, it shows that the briquette machine can not reach the steady running state in the production of such output, which most likely belongs to the overload production. Finally, for drying and carbonization, we need to distinguish the moisture content in the drying processing of briquettes. Too high or too low moisture content of briquette is the result of unqualified production stability. In the carbonizing process, you need to check whether the carbon content of the finished product is in line with the process requirement.
Due to the variability of briquette machine in the production process, the shaft parts and components would change with the working form of the briquette machine and lead to vibration, which produces all kinds of friction or collision noise that affects the operator's health of briquette machine, at the same time it would also bring sustained damage to the production environment. Therefore, it is very urgent to solve the noise in the production of briquette machine. The following three ways can effectively solve the noise hazard of briquette machine in the production.
1. Reduce the noise-producing source: improve the processing and assembling precision of the accessories of briquette machine to reduce the vibration noise caused by strong shock in the production of briquette machine.
2. Control the noise by the environment: for example, it the crushing noise in the production is larger, the production process can be moved to the outdoor and make use of the jungle, slope and other barriers to isolate the production noise.
3. The personal protection of the operator: operators can wear a helmet, ear plugs and other control facilities for personal protection.

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