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The welding technology of propeller in wood briquette machine

As we know, the production technology of charcoal briquettes includes crushing, drying, briquetting and carbonizing. A complete set of charcoal machine is composed of four parts: the crusher, dryer, wood briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. As the quick wear part of the whole set of charcoal machine, the propeller plays an important role in the smooth production of mechanism charcoal.

propeller of wood briquette machine

Therefore, master the essentials of repairing propeller of wood briquette machine and learn how to weld the propeller can save a lot of time in the production. In fact, the welding technology of screw propeller is to weld and grind the screw propeller to its original state. In order to prolong the service time of screw propeller, we usually use wear-resistant electrode to repair it. However, the wear-resistant electrode is the electrode used not that frequently. There are also a lot of difference in the use of wear-resistant electrode and ordinary electrode. The following are the steps on the welding of screw propeller:
Step 1: observing. To observe the abrasion of the propeller and find out the part to be welded. A mark had better made there;
Step 2: heating. To heat the screw propeller with a small stove and insert the propeller in it. Cover the first three spirals with charcoal head and light until the screw propeller is glowed;
Step 3: welding. To weld the propeller with wear-resistant electrode for one-time when it is still hot;
Step 4: insulation. Insert the welded propeller into dry lime powder quickly and naturally cooling for 2 hours or more;
Step 5: grinding. To grind the welded propeller into the original shape with the grinder.
Through the above five steps, screw propeller can be installed back on the wood briquette machine for normal production. The propeller need to be replaced after repeated wearing and repairing for a period of time. Users should choose and purchase the quick wear parts of wood briquette machine from legitimate manufacturers of wood briquette machine. KMEC is professional manufacturer of wood briquette machine and biomass briquette plant. Welcome all the customers interested in our products to contact us.

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