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What would happen when the propeller of briquette machine damaged?

Propeller is one of the key components in the briquette machine. Its operation principle is simple. It mainly coordinate the molding sleeve of briquette machine to make stamping treatment of raw material. After working for a long time, the punch part of propeller would wear. Then, we must change a new propeller, otherwise the damaged propeller would affect the specifications of finished product of briquette machine. Here we want to remind users that the replacement of damaged propeller must be in time to prevent the influence of damaged propeller on the specifications of the finished product. Thus, we must be clear about what would happen when the propeller get damaged so as to find and replace it timely. Normally, damaged propeller will appear the following two kinds of phenomena:

propeller of briquette machine

1. Briquettes produced by briquette machine are not strong enough and there are cracks on the surface. They would be broken as long as pinching with a little force.
2. The specification of semi-finished product would be longer significantly. When the punch of propeller get damaged, the length of the original specification will be shorter significantly, so the stamping treatment with the molding sleeve can not meet the required depth, thus the briquettes processed can not get relative compression processing so that the semi-finished products are longer than the specifications.

Although briquette and charcoal produced are smoke-free and environment protection products, but its production process is not that environmentally friendly. Generally, four equipment are mainly used in charcoal production: the carbonizing furnace, crusher, briquette machine and dryer. Apart from the briquette machine and dryer, the carbonizing furnace and crusher would produce certain environmental pollution in the process of operation. The crusher mainly produces dust pollution, while the carbonizing furnace would lead the dense smoke pollution due to the high temperature volatilization of the semi-finished products. Through chemical analysis, these two kinds of pollution may enhance the PM2.5 in the air to a certain extent, which in turn will also affect the respiratory health of operators of briquette machine.

To solve the pollution problems in the production of briquette and charcoal, we should aim at the treatment of environmental protection of crusher and carbonizing furnace. Solutions are given from the following two points:
1. The discharge part of crusher should be equipped with dust collection facilities used for discharging dedusting, thereby avoiding dust pollution of the environment.
2. Set flue gas collection facility on the top of carbonizing furnace for recovery of smoke so as to avoid environmental pollution.

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