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How to improve the quality of charcoal?

The briquette machine is an energy saving, environmental protection and efficient equipment. Its emergence conforms to the country's agricultural policy and has been strongly supported by the relevant departments of the state. There are two main factors and methods that affect the quality of charcoal produced by briquette machine.

briquette machine and carbonizing furnace

Two factors to improve the quality of charcoal:
1. The higher the carbon content of the mechanism charcoal, the better its quality is. The carbon content of charcoal is determined by the raw material, manufacturing technology and calorific heat, that is to say, it is determined the chemical composition of charcoal itself.
2. The quality of the device itself has no direct impact on its products. It’s not the truth that the better the quality of the briquette machine, the better the quality of the charcoal produced. Charcoal with high carbon content has high calorific value, the surface area of the charcoal and air contact should also be small. The surface area includes the outside, also includes the internal pore surface area.

Two ways to improve the time of charcoal burning:
1. Improve the molding pressure of the original parts in the briquette machine, then improve the density and strength of the briquettes.
2. Control the final carbonizing temperature of the carbonizing furnace, and the temperature of heating and cooling can be slowed down so that the density and hardness of charcoal produced are higher.
Of course, the quality of the briquette machine and carbonizing furnace are also important, which can ensure the efficiency of the production and avoid unnecessary losses. We provide different models of biomass briquette machine for sale, users can choose according to your own requirements.

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