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The moisture content of the raw material and the drying speed

The raw material of briquette machine should be dried before making briquettes and charcoal, otherwise it would affect the production quality of charcoal. The moisture content of raw material also restricts the drying speed to a certain extent. The lower the moisture content, the sufficient the raw material would be dried. When the heating temperature of the gas is constant, the moisture content in the raw material will have corresponding constant standard. Thus, when drying the raw material of

briquette machine and charcoal

briquette machine, we should control the temperature of the dryer. The moisture content also has different changes with temperature. At the same time, the speed of drying of raw material should be adjusted according to the moisture content of raw material. In the production process of briquette and charcoal, the moisture of raw material need to reach a certain standard to proceed the follow-up process of production. Generally, when the moisture of raw materials is between 8% and 12%, the production of briquette machine could reach a stable and efficient operation mode, also produce high quality charcoal.
In the carbonizing process, the raw material used should have lower moisture content, which can greatly increase the productivity of carbonization. Drying of raw materials in advance can greatly reduce the fuel quantity used in the carbonizing furnace and improve its wood tar content. If the moisture content of raw material is higher, the carbonizing effect of the material near the heat source and the material far away from the heat source would be different that the physical properties of the charcoal are not uniform. If the raw material is in a state of complete drying, the heat released is relatively fierce. Due to the heat of reaction, the temperature rise greatly, which makes the reaction more intense, thus reducing the production of raw materials decomposition, and the charcoal produced is more likely to crack or not hard. So in the production of continuous carbonizing furnace, the most favorable moisture content is between 15% and 20%, so that we can guarantee the uniformity and stability of the heat release, thus the quality of carbonized product is higher as well.

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