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The structure and repair methods of propeller in briquette machine

It is known that the propeller is the most important part of the briquette machine. It has the function of conveying material and forming. The following is a brie introduction of the structure and repair methods of the propeller in briquette machine.

propeller in briquette machine

The structure of propeller:
The propeller can be divided into two parts, the spiral groove of the first part is equal in width. Its function is to move the raw material forward; the spiral groove of the second part is unequal in width. It is more and more narrow along the propeller. The raw material conveyed from the wide spiral channel would be compressed in the narrow spiral groove.
Propeller wears quickly in the process of production under the high temperature and more than 5 tons of friction pressure, so it should be repaired after using 40-50 hours in order to extend the service life.

Repair methods for the propeller of briquette machine:
1. Preheat the propeller end where welding is needed and make the temperature reach 200℃ or so.
2. Select the special wear resistant electrode and layer the welding part according to the wear condition of front angle of the propeller end, and the welding slag must be removed before welding the second layer. The welding thickness exceeds the required thickness for 1-2mm, and the propeller after welding should not have the defects such as slag or porosity.
3. After welding, insert the welded parts into dry quicklime or straw ash for cooling.
4. Take the propeller out when the temperature is below 50℃and grind in the green silicon carbide grinding wheel. Overexerting and local overheating should be avoid when grinding. It is forbidden to cool with water or other liquid.
5. When grinding, the spiral end is 360 degrees. The front angle of the circle is increased by 2 degrees, gradually increasing evenly until the front angle increases to 22 degrees. In the process of angle rising, there there should be no potholes.
6. It is strictly forbidden to knock or collide the propeller after repairing to avoid damaging the welding surface and other parts of the surfacing and it should be carefully stored for use.

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