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Safety examine on the working spot of briquette machine

Analysis from the perspective of technology of briquette and charcoal, the safety examine on the working spot of briquette machine should be made in three aspects, respectively fire safety, power supply safety and environmental barrier examine. In the following content, we would introduce the three parts in view of the process characteristics of briquette machine.

examination of briquette machine before production

Fire safety examine: it mainly aims at the drying site and material storage site of briquette machine production. The raw materials just after drying by the drying process have almost no moisture, and the material temperature is higher in 30 ~ 60 minutes after discharging. In this case, we should pay attention that there should be no high temperature flammable object on unloading and storage ground surface after drying to prevent fire produced by the friction with unloaded high temperature materials. At the same time, fire extinguishing facilities should be equipped just in case.
Power supply safety examine: this safety examine is mainly made before starting and operation of briquette machine. Check whether there is leakage phenomenon of the circuit of the connecting device to avoid static electricity of briquette machine caused by leakage or electric conduction, affecting the safe operation of production workers. What should be noted is that the examine must be made by professional electrical workers.
Environmental barrier examine: due to the space of the working environment of briquette machine is limited, operators had better not put jumbled things on the ground of the working spot, such as the regular replaced propeller, forming sleeve and heating coil to prevent that the operator of briquette machine would be stumbled and injured during walking around.
In addition, to maintain the production efficiency of briquette machine, the following three points are quite important: first of all, a steady supply of raw material. If there is any break during raw material supply, it will seriously affect the earnings from the production of briquette machine; second, the use and supply of cooling and lubricating oil. The use of cooling and lubricating oil is to reduce the thermal wear of briquette machine during operation and improve the running stability of briquette machine. Only when the operation of briquette machine is stable, its production efficiency would be stable as well; third, the replacement and supply of vulnerable parts of briquette machine. Under normal circumstances, the vulnerable parts of briquette machine should be changed regularly. At the same time, users should also pay attention to the supply of vulnerable parts, otherwise it will affect the normal production of briquette machine.

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