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Can simple maintenance alone improve the life of wood briquette machine?

Most people think that routine maintenance can improve its service life no matter what kind of equipment, is that really the case? For our wood briquette machine, simply maintenance can improve its service life? The answer is no.

wood briquette machine
In fact, the service life of wood briquette machine is not just influenced by the daily maintenance. Another reason for short life of wood briquette machine is overload production. Although the maintenance after production can reduce the production loss of next time, it can not prolong the service life of wood briquette machine fundamentally. Therefore, we have to start from the overload if we want to prolong the service life of briquette machine. The overload of briquette machine can be divided into the following two conditions:
1. Operating overload of equipment: it refers to the safety tolerance of the production of wood briquette machine. For example, if the production capacity of the wood briquette machine is 1t/h, the raw material quantity we can only add should meet the production of one ton of charcoal. Once the amount of raw materials you add is beyond the production capacity of 1t/h, it would increase the load operation of each part of briquette machine, thus influence the service life of the equipment. In this regard, we must control the wood briquette machine equipment in the range of production capacity to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.
2. Producing time overload: in the operating process of briquette machine, the equipment need to stop during work when the motor is overheating or the drive bearing collides. At this time, if no operator stops the wood briquette machine in a timely manner, the parts of briquette machine would be damaged, which in turn affect the service life. Thus, operators should make timely stop protection to ensure that the production of briquette machine is not overloaded.
Therefore, daily maintenance and production control should be placed with equal emphasis, which can truly prolong the service life of wood briquette machine.

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