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The operation and solution to common problems of briquette machine

Briquette machine plays a crucial role in the charcoal production line. The following are the matters needing attention and solution to the common problems in the operation of briquette machine.

operation and common problems of briquette machine

Operation cautions of briquette machine:
1. Tighten all the screw connection, especially the three jackscrew in the heating tube. Connect the electrical and power lines.
2. Check all smooth parts.
3. Check whether the power supply and voltage are normal.
4. Working with no load for 30 minutes before putting into normal production. If the abnormality is found in the test running of briquette machine, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to find out the cause, and then make test running again.
5. Adjust the temperature regulator to the demand temperature, then the briquette machine can be turned on.
6. Put materials into the briquette machine gradually with proper amount until qualified products are produced. Normal production of 30 minutes indicates the successful test running of briquette machine.
7. Before stopping the machine, there should be no material in the hopper and running reversely for 1 minute immediately after stopping the machine to make the material in the propeller discharged.
Common problems and solutions of briquette machine:
1. The using effect of same raw materials on different types of briquette machine are different. The reason is that the fit clearance of the propeller screw and the form sleeve is not appropriate.
2. There is smoke coming out from the sides of briquette and the briquette produced is relatively rough: the moisture content of raw material used for making briquettes is inappropriate and the raw material too dry; the clearance of propeller and forming sleeve is too large or the temperature is too high.
3. The briquette is made with a certain density. If the briquette is broken when breaking and there is luster on the broken side: the reason is that the initial position of the spiral front is too high.
4. Low temperature, wet raw materials and improper fit clearance are the main causes of poor discharging and blowout of briquette machine.
5. If the raw material are not dried and the humidity is large, then the briquettes produced are bent.
6. If the propeller screw is too long or the temperature is too high, then the briquette produced has lower density with fast production speed.
7. If the propeller screw is too short or worn, then the screw idles without producing any briquette.

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