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Proper temperature is the guarantee of good charcoal

Accurate control of temperature is important no matter in drying, briquetting or carbonizing process. A little difference in the temperature may produce two kinds of different mechanism charcoal. In order to ensure the quality of charcoal produced by briquette machine, the operator need to control the temperature in each process.

temperature control of briquette machine
First, not all the raw materials in the drying process have the same moisture content, so we can put raw materials with larger moisture content to the open ground for two days or so to make the surface water evaporated, and then put the raw material to the hot air dryer for drying. The temperature can be controlled at about two hundred and fifty degrees to make moisture content of raw material less than ten percent after drying.
Then in the briquetting process with briquette machine, we all know that molding of briquettes is completed in the briquette machine. In order to make the briquettes produced have smooth surface, meticulous, large density and no crack, we can adjust the temperature according to the raw materials and the actual situation. If all parts and materials can meet the requirements of production, we can control the temperature at about three hundred and fifty degrees.
In the final part of carbonizing process, when the furnace temperature reaches one hundred and fifty degrees or so, excess water in the briquette begin to evaporate. When the temperature continue to rise to two hundred and fifty degrees or so, the quality of the briquette begin to change and when the temperature rises to about five hundred degrees, briquettes begin to decompose and carbonized fully. To get high quality charcoal, the furnace temperature should rise continuously to a thousand degrees. If you have any problems with the process of charcoal production, please feel free to contact us.
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